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Quality Gurus - Philip Crosby and Armand V.Feigenbaum

Philip Crosby

American, born in 1926 and from 1950 began to engage in quality area. His main contribution was the concept of ZERO DEFECT, where the goal is to try to hit the operations from the first moment.

Crosby proposed a program to improve the quality, the 14 points below are described in his book "Quality is Investment" (Crosby, 1983).

1 Management Commitment
2 The quality improvement team
3 Calculation of quality
4 Cost of Quality
5 Awareness
6 Corrective Action
7 Planning Zero defects
8 Training Supervisor
9 Day zero defect
10 Target setting
11 Eradication of the cause of errors
12 Recognition
13 Quality Councils
14 Start of the principle

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Armand V.Feigenbaum

Born in 1922, he launched his famous book Total Quality Control-TQC in 1951. His doctorate at MIT and was production manager of GE.

He brought the great concept of total quality, is considered by many as the "father of quality" as it was the first to address that quality does not depend exclusively on the production department, but across the enterprise, such as purchasing, sales, after - sales, human resources.

Another book is well-known Feigenbaum "The Power of Management Capital" which focuses on total quality management, lean production and management innovations.

These two books have not had the opportunity to read, but are already on my to-do list

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